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We are your full-time, effective and accountable IT Department.

Managed from our offices, we work as a department of your business, taking responsibility for building, managing and activating everything needed to create a secure and reliable technology infrastructure.

Removing down time, improving efficiency and managing risk, it’s our role to keep you secure and operating effectively in all other areas of your business.

Creating budgets that suit your business, future-proofing your systems with the latest in monitoring and planning, attending management meetings where we add value.

We manage your internal team and support with our external staff.

nbn™ Business Accredited Advisor

The nbn™ rollout presents significant changes for businesses during it's transition. To assure that your business is prepared for the changes the team at IT Networks has become a nbn™ business accredited advisor to receive the most up-to-date information and possible during the process.

nbn™ business accredited advisors receive on-going training and updates and the nbn™ program evolves to meet the needs of Australian businesses. AS well as staying current on nbn™ status and activities, nbn™ business accredited advisors receive additional support and advice direct from the the internal nbn™ business team.

Working with an nbn™ business accredited advisor gives business clients the confidence that their transition into the nbn™ will be the smoothest available.

The 5 Must-Know Secrets of Business nbn

Is it business?

Which router?

Is it guaranteed?

Will services go offline?

Are they accredited?

nbn™ is here...

The nbn™ rollover is here and many businesses are not ready for it.

You may have already heard horror stories about how business owners have had their systems offline for weeks at a time. While many of these stories are true, it does not have to be the case with your business. We’ve written this short guide to help you with some of the issues or questions that you may have as your business transitions to the new nbn™ system.

You'll learn:

  • The difference between business and residential nbn™
  • What you need to consider for Business nbn™
  • The difference between nbn™ service providers

Download your FREE guide for getting your business nbn™ ready and discover the considerations before nbn™ make the switch.

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